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Silmaril Addition

I found a brief passage in Quendi and the Eldar: A Note on the Language of the Valar that belongs in this section. I have placed it at the very end of the last paragraph of the Cuivienyarna section.

§44 Thus it was that when Nahar neighed and Oromė indeed came among them, some of the Quendi hid themselves, and some fled and were lost. But those that had the courage to stay perceived that the Great Rider was noble and fair and no shape out of the Darkness; for the light of Aman was in his face, and all the noblest of the Quendi were drawn towards it. CE-EX-05.2 <Q&E {when}When Oromė appeared among them, and at length some dared to approach him, they asked him his name, and he answered: Oromė. Then they asked him what that signified, and again he answered: Oromė. To me only is it given; for I am Oromė. Yet the titles that he bore were many and glorious; but he withheld them at that time, that the Quendi should not be afraid.
{Nahar, the name of Oromė’s horse. ‘}Otherwise it was{,’ says Pengolodh, ‘} with the steed upon which the Lord Oromė rode. When the Quendi asked his name, and if it bore any meaning, Oromė answered: ‘Nahar, and he is called from the sound of his voice, when he is eager to run.’>
Just some cool dialogue and name meanings.
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