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1. British spelling rules in Tolkiens texts.

2. Agreed.

3. In all versions Varda made new starts, while older already existed. The light given to Varda by Eru was not used for the making of starts in general, but for the sun in particular.

4. I donít see how their can be a direct contradiction with such a quoloquial sentence as that from Quendi and Eldar! Otherwise I would say we find contradictions to it in that Essay itself easily.

5. We do normaly not add to our text and specially not without clear indication. Yes, the bolt text is in the original source text as written by JRR Tolkien.
The sence with Melkor and Manwe facing each other after so long a time does rather support that fear than deny it. Yes Melkor is shrunken so that he could no longer dount Manwe with his eyes, but none the less does it need all the Valar in assembly to ofer come him and his agents. And what Manwe feared is not told. I donít think he feared for himself or his safety, he feared for the demage that Melkor cold work on Ea.
Manwe was Iluvatars chief instrument against Melkor in the second thema. Therefore I think it was his concern to control Melkor. That said I do nonetheless agree to your opinion that Manwe desperately wants to believe in the repentance of Melkor.

6. No we do not. But Morwe and Nurwe have in all HoMe only this one single scene. So it is either taken them up here, or skipping them for good.

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