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Pipe Now that that's out of my chest...

I'll start speaking more openly. I don't have a read on much of you, so I'll just go with my notes for now.

Mac - Like I said, sorry mate. Until last NIGHT though, you really were a top suspect, for different, less definable reasons.
Kath - That mix-up with the voting yesterDAY makes me believe she's a confused Ordo.
Form - I had written 'trust for now', but I now feel confused.
Legate - My other top suspect. Another idea I'll claim to have come up with independently, even if many others have posted about it: this post read like someone rehearsing an alibi in front of a mirror. Sorry for that analogy, but that's how I felt.
Brinn - I have 'throwaway vote was actually good' in there, but no explanation why. This has to be for DAY 1, though; her DAY 2 vote was anything but throwaway (4th--and 5th--vote for lynchee Nog)

I'm rereading the whole thread to see if I can gain new insight from anything.
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