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Bęthberry is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Bęthberry is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Bęthberry is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.

Manardariel's post about Mia:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The sun was setting over Rohan. The last rays of the spectacular evening sun shone right into into Froma´s clean kitchen, and also into Mia´s face. She blinked, letting herself be carressed by the warm light for awhile. Dierna had fallen asleep in her basket. Everything seemed warm and peaceful, and it would have been- were it not for that nagging feeling in Mia´s stomach. She was worried. Her anger at Bethberry had gone off in a haze, she understood the Innkeeper perfectly. But she was still worried. Very worried. Her request for a time off, it had been utterly stupid. She wouldn´t blame the misstress if she missunderstood it- it had seemed like an excuse to get herself fired. And what would she do then? Besides the fact that she really liked her job- she needed the money. Better no birthday party in one year than going hungry forever.

Mia leaned outside of the kitchen windows. The cildren were huddled together, maybe playing a guessing game. But then she noticed Fianna´s shining eyes, and the piece of candy with a feather sticking in it. With tears in her eyes, Mia watched as Fianna filled her cheeks with air and blew out the 'candle'. Fianna was beaming. And suddenly she realized that it wasn´t entirely in her hands if the kids were happy. She could only do her best, but she didn´t have to do it all. Some things were out of her hands. But what mattered most now was her job.

"Froma, is there anything I can do?" she called over. He shook his head. "Not in the moment. I´ll let you know." Perfect . She walked across the kitchen, luckily finding one of the slates the servants sometimes used to remind themselves of their tasks. She quickly took it and a piece of chalk. When she had been a child, an old lady had told her writing. Her letters were wobbly, but she knew what to say, and her spelling wasn´t all that bad. She put her tounge between her teeth and wrote a letter.

Mistress Bethberry,

I hope you get this note. I just want to let you know that I´m sorry about this afternoon. I understand why you didn´t let me go home for Fianna. Please don´t think I don´t want to work at the Inn. I do, very much. Thank you for having me. It´s a good thing, and a blessing for us. I know the children and I sometimes cause trouble, but that's not meant badly, ma´am. I think you know that though. Like I said, I´m very sorry I was so cheeky this afternoon. I meant no harm, and I wasn´t really using my head. It won´t happen again.

Your humble servant,
Mialynn (Mia)

There, that would have to do. She hoped Bethberry would understand, but right now, all she could do was wait. She slipped the 'letter' in Bethberry´s pile on the front desk as the Innkeeper was chatting with a guest. Then she returned to the kitchen, where Froma kept her busy for quite awhile.

But for all that time, her thoughts were with the front desk- and with her letter.

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