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The next morning dawned crisp and clear in Edoras, and Aylwen had slept in later than she had planned. Bêthberry was long gone, but everyone save Froma and Delia were asleep when Aylwen finally made her way downstairs shortly after sunrise. Aylwen found Delia rummaging around in the supply closet and Froma was preparing his kitchen and getting his ingredients in order for the coming day. Yawning Aylwen went to help Delia find what she was searching for before she went to check the registry to see who would be staying another night.

It was not long before staff and customers began to filter out of the rooms. Talan came out and kindly unfastened the latches on the windows to let a cool morning breeze float through the main hall of the Inn. Iswyn, Mia, and Frododides soon entered the kitchen one by one to help Froma prepare breakfast while Leofan led a tired young Anwir out to the stables to feed the horses. Aylwen remembered Bethberry’s warning about Froma, and went back into the kitchens to speak with the cook.

“Do you need anything back here for today, Froma?” Aylwen asked the man when he was done barking out orders to Iswyn, Mia, and Frododides. He turned back to the Assistant Innkeeper with a thoughtfully grim look upon his face and a finger to his chin.

“Not that I can think of at the moment miss Aylwen, thank you,” Froma finally said before turning away to pull the fresh loaves of bread from the oven. He looked over at Iswyn yawning, and sighed. “But I could use some help who are actually awake and doing their job!” Froma added loudly, trying to get Iswyn’s attention. When the girl realized Froma was talking of her, she mumbled a weary apology and got to work chopping vegetables.

Aylwen smiled and went back out to the main hall in time to see Windheneb flirting with Delia, who was trying to sweep up around the stairs and tables. Aylwen rolled her eyes before noting that several customers were up and waiting for breakfast. The Assistant Innkeeper called for help from some of the maids and began taking orders for Froma from the hungry customers. Talan helped Delia get rid of Windheneb, which would have been a sight for Aylwen to see as Talan got Windheneb to actually sit down next to Castar and stop bothering Delia.

"I thought you said you'd never flirt with the wrong girl, Windy!" Aylwen laughed when she got to his and Castar's table to serve their breakfast. Castar had, indeed, found it quite funny when Talan calmly forced Windy not to bother Delia, and was stifling his laughter when Aylwen continued. "Now Talan's got his eye on you and the door!"

Windheneb proceeded to mumble about something or other and Aylwen went about her serving duties and kindly greeting sleepy customers as they came into the dining hall.
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