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Excitement! Excitement! I finished Dream!

A single battle fought

I am quite pleased with Beren. ^.^ And I am so excited to see how it will come out with the illustrations! The dream arches were already gorgeous and I can't wait to see the whole thing.

Now, because I am impatient and like to meddle in the affairs of wizards, I did a test sing-through (horrible and will all need to be re-sung on a better day) with a trial of Beren/Luthien harmony at the end... And because I wanted to see what it would sound like with Beren singing in his proper octave, I edited the pitch accordingly... which made Beren sound like a troll , but I think it works. Or will work, when Luthien doesn't sound like an Orc. Do you think we can pull it off? Beren follows the main melody, here's his original track for reference. However, I keep getting thrown off by the three-fast-notes in the beginning of each line (especially "stronger"), so maybe you sing it first and I'll follow whatever your lead? If you also find it too quick or uncomfortable, I can also fiddle with the music, I have a couple thoughts in mind about how to make it a bit easier if needed.




(Hey, what princess wouldn't follow Beren when he says this nice stuff? ^.^)

I think Luthien's Orcishness at the end can be fixed by doing this, which only works when Beren's voice is in his proper octave, which is perhaps why the simple solution didn't occur to me earlier. It still needs to be re-sung though. But what do you think? Can we do a bit of choiring? ^.^

In not so good news, Lora Bocharova's site has been down for a few weeks now. Not just the Zong, the whole thing. This makes me sad, especially if she took it down permanently - but I cannot express how grateful I am for your foresight in copying the page with the chords and lyrics! Looking through it, all the remaining songs are there, Wind seems to be the only one linked out. I might have winged Camp and pieced together Epilogue, but there was NO WAY I could do Heart or Prison Duet without existing chords. O.0
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