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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
If it's any comfort, I've not done any drawing since the Cardboard Cutout Oath, and uh... am not likely to do much more this month, since I've foolishly decided to take on NaNoWriMo with serious historical fiction. Which is so not my genre.
Cool topic though! Good luck!

And it is a lot of comfort. I had another exam this week, so I haven't done anything since my last post, except today try to sing both parts but recording separately, having learned that you need much bigger lungs to sing both as one take. It's mainly done to help Elanor - yes, she is still up for trying to record Luthien, though the timing might drag out a lot again - who asked me to do a test recording, to transition to the English lyrics. It's not quite presentable, a couple places would need redoing for an actual good draft, but it works as a test.

In related news, I tried to differentiate the voices by singing Beren an octave lower... it's physically painful to attempt singing this low. And it still sounds too girly to be Beren. But I am thinking of this as a potential audition to take over one of the male voices in the upcoming 4-male-part songs, should it be needed. I hope not.

I don't think this piece needs a Scottish Beren; he's the only male singer here. I feel like even for the other pieces, there should be better ways of differentiating him from the others. Though Legate is still promising to do the 2-liner for Captivity ...eventually..., if we don't have a Beren for future songs, maybe we can special effects him? Though honestly, I would rely more on the pictures to help convey the message of who is singing.

Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
No singing or drawing updates, but I have finally managed to get the Libretto to a decent state. All current recordings are included in their rightful places, and even the contents table is up to date. (The 'Libretto with chords' has been removed, because there's no way I was going to finish that, and I'm positive it could be done in a better way.)

The English Libretto (for anyone following along at home).

Yay! That needs occasional clean-up too, and I have been neglecting it. Thanks for looking through it.

Thinking ahead to when I would be able to pick this up again (hopefully not too far into the future): what do you say to attempting a consecutive sequence this time, Renunciation-Quarrel-Aria? Doing these en bloc and in the right order would make the transitions smoother. I will make each section a separate file because it will likely need a different set of instruments and/or speed, but then they can be combined as much as we choose - which would resolve the issue of Melian's opening lines if we put Quarrel and Aria together. Renunciation may or may not be added on, I just prefer to start there in the sequence as Quarrel flows right out of it content-wise. What do you think about that?

There is also the good chance that I will have enough of this sequence at some point and pause to do something else for a change, but it still probably makes sense to do chronologically.
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