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“Hey, Froma, have you seen Frodides?”

The cook frowned. “I think she was helping clean the windows outside...and NO you can not go see her. I need you here.” Mia rolled her eyes slightly at this and walked back to the basin, resuming her job in drying the breakfast dishes. She needed to talk to Frodides. It was about a plan, a plan she had developed, and she need Frodides´ help with it. Froma left the kitchen for a moment, and Mia half-considered sneaking out of the kitchen while he was away. But then, she still wasn´t sure if she still should be working here. Yeserday evening, she had left the Inn without a message from Bethberry, and today, the Innkeeper had left; without a sign if she had recieved Mia´s note. At least you´re not fired yet! she thought grimly.

But the plan, yes that was another thing. Yesterday night, she had put Fianna to bed. After a goodnight story, she had asked Fianna if she had another, big wish- afterall it was her birthday.
“Well,” the girl had said slowy, her young eyes full of earnesty and hope. “I´d really like to learn how to read!” Mia had smiled sadly, given her birthday girl a kiss and wispered the ritual goodnight-blessing.

Later that evening– it was around nine, and Mia was sitting outside the house, mending socks- the idea had struck her. Why, she COULD fulfill Fianna´s wish. And more than that, she could grant a whle bunch of children the oppurtunity of an education. True, her own spelling wasn´t best, but she still could write.

It´s a big task, but it´s doable- with Frodides. Mia concluded. She dried up the last tin cup, and looked around for an excuse to leave the kitchen. A delivery boy had just appeared with a large box of something-or-other. “Can someone bring this outside by the desk? We need some decoration!” Froma called. Mia grabbed the plants and dashed outside. She put the box down, made sure it was in no ones way- nearly stumbled over Frodides.

“Frodides, hello! I was just looking for you! Look, I have an idea, what would you say to this? I was thinking, wouldn´t it be neat to set up a little school in here for the Inn and the village children? But I´d need your help, and Bethberry or Aylwen´s permission of course..what do you say?”
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