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"Oh, for goodness sake Briga, it´s only a cat!” Mia snapped at her younger sister. Briga was staring at a dead cat, watery-eyed and refusing to move another inch. Briga looked up at her.
“You´re mean, Mia! You´re mean and wicked, like an ugly spider. Go away!”
“Fine!” Exasperated, Mia moved a few steps away, catching up with Deor and Fianna; who were fighting over a wooden bear. As soon as she reached them, Briga broke into loud howling behind her, still refusing to move an inch and; of course, waking up the baby who had been sweetly sleping in Mia´s arms up to now. Dierna joined her sister, followed by a sobing Fianna with a red mark on her cheek that looked suspiciously like a slap-mark.
“DEOR!” Mia thundered. “Deor, did you just hit your sister? Deor, answer me!”
The boy shrugged. “She deserved it, the stupid cow. She started it!”
“No!” Fianna shrieked, hiding behind Mia´s skirt for protection. “Mia, he took my bear, and when I wanted it back he hit me!”
Mia stopped in her tracks. What was wrong with the kids? They´d been cranky and moody since dawn. “OK, you lot. Enough is enough.” She knew she sounded fierce. She wanted to sound fierce. “You kids stay right here. I´m going in there,” she pointed to a street to their left, “and when I´m back I don´t want to here a single cry, complain or fight. Understood?” She turned away.

The street was small and dark. Mia cooed Dianna back to sleep, then leaned against the wall for a moment. The kids weren´t the only ones in a bad mood. She was, too. A day of waiting for a reply from Bethberry, and making plans that were beating themselvesd in there abstruseness had worn her out. She had gone to bed later than usual, and a nightmare had shaken her awake long before morning. She couldn´t remember what she´d dreamed, but it had been horrible, and she didn´t sleep afterwards. Mia smiled grimly. She should be going. They were needed at the Horse, bad mood or not. She walked to the kids. They hadn´t gotten into mischief, on the contrary, they were behaving nicely. Briga and Fianna were playing with a doll, Deor standing aside. She gently ruffeled his hair and pecked her sisters on the cheek. The group set out again.

Arriving at the Inn, Mia watched the kids run out of site, and walked in. Frodides caught her off before she could even enter the kitchen.
“Morning, Mia!,” she said cheerfully. “I´ve been thinking about your idea. About the school. You know, we should talk to Aylwen about it. If we have her permission we can all organise it as a suprise for Bethberry when she comes back.”

Mia smiled. Some suprise that would be! But it was a good idea. She gratefully smiled at Frodides. “You know,” she told the older woman as they walked towards the kitchen. “I was wondering, maybe we should post a notice at the board to find somemore teachers. These people are bound to be good at something, be it herbs or history.” She nodded her head towards some of the guests. “Some of them have business here that holds them in Edoras for more than a month. That´s time to teach these kids enough for a lifetime!” She laughed. All her troubles seemed far away, now that there was something to do, something to organise.

She left for the kitchen, and while she worked, she sang aloud. Well, she would have untill her suffering “audience” bade her to silence. This she did, though unwillingly. At some point, she walked over to Aylwen. This was it. She looked at the bard and took a deep breath.

“Aylwen? Do you have a moment?” The bard nodded. Mia stept forward, forcing her hands to stop wringing.
“The thing is...I was thinking...see, I thought it would nice if we –well, I, I suppose- maybe organised a little school here. For the village kids. It´s just...I mean it would be good for them if they knew how to spell, to count. And they´d get out of mischief. We could find teachers among the teachers, and maybe some of the staff. It wouldn´t cost, we could do it in that little room off the big hall. The one that´s not used often. We could even go outside if the weather´s good! The children would be good, I´m sure. It would work perfectly...”
Her voice trailed as she looked into Aylwen´s face. So? what was her answer?

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