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Aldor pushed and shoved his way through the crowd to the end of the stable that he hoped Byrn had escaped from. Every so often he was passed a bucket of water from behind and he pushed it onward to the poeple in front of him. Then an empty one would come from the front and he would shove it aimlessly behind him. Everyone was yelling, either to each other, to the horses, or just out of shock and adrenaline. Aldor tied a scarf around his head, following the example of some around him. He could see the faces of everyone that surrounded him, their eyes were wide and most were covered in soot and sweat. Some faces were hot and red, others were pale with grief and Aldor wondered for a brief moment what his own face looked like.

Aldor then broke through the front line, not many people went any further for the heat was terrible. Aldor was handed another bucket of water, but heh didn't throw over the fire just yet. He ran down the front of the line searching desparately for the right stall. In his panic he couldn't find it he ran up and down twice until he came to what he rocgnised as the right stall. It was shut.

"Please Byrn," He muttered to himself, "Please have escaped, just say the door shut behind you as you fled. You can be as much of a nuisance as you want when we get back home and you can stamp and kick and bite all you want, just don't be in there." Aldor ran to the door. The top bolt was undone and hope flashed through his heart, but it was soon to be extinguished when he saw the bottom bolt still bolted firm.

Aldor kicked aside the bolt and put his hand on the door to open it but it burnt and sizzled. He would not be put off by a hot door. He grabbed his thick leather glove that was tied to his belt and used that to open the door, he almost immediately wished he hadn't.

"Byrn!" he yelled at the trapped form on the floor. Even though Aldor's voice was muffled by the scarf, the horse screamed in response and struggled to get up but he was stuck firm underneath a heavy beam. His mane was ablaze and his fur was turned to cinders. Aldor's own skin felt as though it was bubbling and his eyes felt like they should melt at any moment. He remembered the bucket of water he still had in his hands and poured it over his horse's head. Byrn looked up at him on last time with tortured eyes and his head fell to the floor, his glassy eyes reflecting the flames and smoke on the ceiling.

"Get out of there!" Aldor heard faintly over the roar of the fire and he turned away from the devastating sight and stumbled out of the stable. He made it back to the safety of the crowds just as the roof fell in. There was a collective gasp and everyone drew back as fumes, smoke and unbearable heat was pushed outwards.

Aldor pushed his bucket into waiting hands and pushed his way back through the crowd.

"Your hair!" he heard someone yell and he felt that same someone hitting the back of his head, relieving some of the heat but his face was still burning. He turned to face that someone but they had moved on already. Buckets were still being passed back and forth as Aldor broke out of the throng of people and collapsed on the ground.

He ripped the scarf from his face and threw it away from himself. Tears carved their paths in his blackened face as he crawled away from the commotion. He was at a loss for what to do in an unfamiliar place, he didn't frequent the streets of Edoras much and desired something that he knew. Findur! He would find Findur. And he hoped he could be recognised with his blistering face.
"We might succeed in roasting Pippin alive inside." - Frodo.
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