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Faran swaggered easily down the dirt road with puffs of golden dust popping from underneath his sandaled feet. A crude hammer swayed from his leather belt, occasionally knocking him upon the thigh, while a soft leather pouch full of iron nails tinkled merrily beside it. His blonde hair was tangled and fell in a snarls to his shoulders, but his pale blue eyes smiled pleasantly as he looked eagerly about him, admiring the fields and pastures of Rohan. Upon his shoulders a cat crouched, his gold fur glittering in the sun. A white diamond of fur glimmered brightly upon his swarthy chest, and his grassy eyes, shot with gold, were narrowed in extreme contentment. Reaching up and stroking the cat’s back, which arched with pleasure, Faran said in a smooth voice, “How’s the view up there, Goldwine?”

Purring in reply, Goldwine softly nipped the young man’s ear. “Look, do you see that?” Faran asked. Billows of black smoke rose tumultuously into the blue sky, bright red flames licked hungrily at the wood of some building. Sprinting forward, he saw that there was another building, The White Horse Inn nearby, and, concluding from the presence of terrified horses, Faran concluded that the stable was the unfortunate receiver of the bad luck.

Goldwine, leaping from the shoulders of his master with a hiss that showed his yellowed fangs (one of which were missing), he quickly darted away into the underbrush. “Oh, you coward,” Faran called back as he went towards the line of people carrying buckets of water that were dumped onto the flaming building. “What can I do to help?” he asked a man who was busy filling the buckets with water and handing the then sloshing vessels to the men and women in the line.

“Find a place somewhere,” the man grunted, jerking a thumb. Raising his eyebrows, Faran, thinking that any simpleton would have been able to figure that out without having to ask, slipped between two people and began to pass the bucket. He shortly began to wonder if the fire would ever be doused.

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I'm sorry it wasn't a unicorn. It would have been nice to have unicorns.

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