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The young man smiled at her, eyebrows raised. Exasperated, Tessa turned around. She was fed up with so-called-gentleman following her everywhere, flirting and just being annoying. Instead, she leaned against a marble pillar and let her eyes fly around the room.

Vieana was dancing with a guard. A crowd of women were standing together, talking. Two debutants, maiden of barely fifteen, were giggeling in a corner. Adrama and that other lady, Dreya´s sister...Alethea, that was her name! The two looked close, like true friends. Tessa moved nearer to them, casually smiling at people as she went. Adrama was smiling that bitter-sweet smile Tessa had noticed before. Her eyes were red-rimmed, and her cheeks seemed to glitter. Had she been crying? Tessa couldn´t imagine why, but maybe it was because of the tightness of those dratted corsets.... Adrama looked over. Tessa smiled at her, then walked away, looking for Averyll or Elen.

She found Averyll, flirting with a guard carelessly. She seemed not to sad about an oppertunity to dissapear,and followed Tessa back to their table.

“Averyll, I´ve been thinking. It stinks. Lady of Dol Amroth, I´m sure indeed! Neither of us have ever heard of them, and believe me, we should know. They weren´t at court, not even Vieana´s sisters ever mentioned them...”

“But what if they´ve been living here for a long time?” Averyll objected. “What if they came from Dol Amroth but moved here? That does happen, you know. I don´t know, Tessa. For all we know, they could be totally clean.”

Tessa sighed. Averyll was right, for all they knew it could all be true. But I know more! I know there´s more, I can feel it! And Tessa´s feelings were usually right...
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