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Sador didn't really enjoy these things. It was far too huge for him. But he was a respected man, it was therefore appropriate for him to be there.

He took his wife's hand and led her through the grand hall. I'm a man, I should do that sort of stuff, he thought while stopping. "Hi there," Sador said, greeting a man. There was a polite reply before Sador and Pelien started walking again. Not too soon though, they stopped, Sador knew a lot of people.

“Sador, dear, I need some fresh air.” Pelien handed her empty wine glass over to a servant before heading for the terrace. Sador followed. She gave him a 'faster, please' look. Sador took the hint immediately.

“Look, dear, Denethor and his new bride are over there…we should greet them.” Peleien nodded against the coming Steward and Finduilas.

“Sador, it’s good to see you.” Denethor shook Sador's hand. What a polite boy, Sador thought while taking his hand gently.

“You look…lovely this evening. I believe you have already met Finduilas.” Denethor said, while kissing his wife's hand. Sador gave a bow, "A pleasure," he said.

"A splendid ball!" Sador lied afterwards. Denethor smiled looking really proud, but humble. "The guests are greater," Denethor replied. Sador noticed that his wife couldn take her eyes of Finduilas. What's wrong? he thought. Ever since the luncheon he reminded himeself, but his thoughts were interrupted by a political discussion who had appeared quite suddenly Sador thought.

“Umbar…That’s where Ar-Pharazon captured Sauron, is it not?” Pelien said. Sador hesitated. “Finduilas, you should know that…he is your most famous ancestor.” she continued in a proud voice.

Where was this going? He grabbed his rude wife's arm.

“That’s absurd! What are you talking about, Pelien?” Denethor cried out. He stepped in front of Finduilas.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t heard. The entire court is raving about it. Well, I’m sure she’d kept it from you, Lord Denethor. However I know she’s known about the talk or she wouldn’t have sent her little ladies to my home to confront me.”

“How dare you say such a thing? Lady Pelien, you were always a respectable member of this court, and I had thought you –and your family- were true nobles. But apperantly you are not. Finduilas of Dol Amroth is my chosen bride, for one thing, for another there is no way she could not be of the Ancient Family of Dol Amroth. Do you think the Steward of Gondor would not be aware of who his son and heir was about to marry. Do you really think such a thing could happen in this family? If you do, I must pity you and laugh at you., Lady Pelien. Are you aware of what disgusting lies you are spitting here?”

Sador didn't listen anymore. He couldn't. He was too stunned by his wife's sudden 'attack'. Where did she have these accusations from?

“Dear, I´m sure this is some kind of misunderstanding. Your father wanted you to join him, why don´t you... I´ll have a nice chat with Lay Pelien here.” Denethor gave a nod.

Sador took his gaze of his wife. How surprising, he thought while following Denethor.

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