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As she followed Finduilas back toward the door and the masquerade Pelien felt as though she’d been slapped in the face. Her feelings and her ego were incredibly bruised, and she walked with her eyes to the floor while the previous conversation whirled through her mind. Her humiliation had fully let the doubt that was only a seed earlier grow until it was thriving. She’d made a serious mistake and had done something that was completely out of her character. What caused her to go to such extreme measures? Finduilas was right…Pelien had acted purely out of love for her daughter, and she hadn’t cared who she hurt to bring about Adrama’s best interests.

A soft touch to her arm startled Pelien out of her thoughts, and she looked up to see the young Elena whose eyes were wide as the looked into the older woman’s face. Pelien’s eyes were on the verge of watering, but she swallowed and held herself together.

“Lady Pelien, what has happened? You spoke to Finduilas, I see that, but what did she say?” The girl’s concern filled her face.

Pelien remained silent for several moments not knowing how she should reply. No one needed to know what she’d been through, yet somewhere deep inside she wanted to tell Elena everything and cry on her shoulder. Pelien took and deep breath while straightening her shoulders and raising her chin bringing back the proud demeanor that held her together.

“You are right, Elena. I did speak with her…and Denethor before.” Pelien’s eyes unconsciously moved away from Elena’s trying to hide their shame. “I think we’ve made a mistake. I shouldn’t have said anything, but everyone in the court is talking and I just couldn’t let her get away any longer.” The woman spoke quickly trying to rationalize her actions, and then she continued in a soft voice. “I made a mistake, and now I have to make it right.”

Elena reached out and laid her hand on Pelien’s arm in an almost affectionate manner, and somehow it comforted the older woman. “I am sorry, Elena, but I must go.” With that Pelien hurried back to the ball.

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