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Eckthelion watched as the excitement and bustle of the evening slowly played itself out. Empty wineglasses, half eaten platters of meats and sweet delicacies, and a few gentlemen who appeared to be definitely was all that remained of the earlier gaiety and high spirits.

The hands on the clock showed close to midnight as many of the guests gathered up their wraps and bags preparing to leave. Eckthelion forced himself to stay inside the hall and put on a gracious air until the very end of the evening. Yet all the joy had long since departed.

Diorwyn's somber words and Siriel's wild accusations had driven away whatever comfort or relaxation he'd taken from the night. At the last minute, just as he was about to retire from the hall and return to his chambers, Tiriel came bounding up to him, planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Father, my friend Emilia has something she wishes to tell you, something important."

Eckthelion leaned over and sighed, smiling down at his daughter and laughing. "For you Tiriel,....anything. I'll gladly speak with this friend of yours, but just not tonight. Too much has happened, and my head is pounding. Perhaps, she could come to my office tomorrow, once we've all had the luxury of a good night's sleep."

Eckthelion turned to face Emilia, "I'll tell the guards to let you through. Just come in the side entrance next to the rose garden."

With that, Eckthelion bowed formally to the two women and made his way out the hall and along the corridor to the family's private wing.

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