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Vieana had spent most of the rest of the night with the Dol Amroth guards, finding out as much as she could about what was going on. And as The Dol Amroth guards had no leader in the city, Vieana felt, as wife of the captain Dardanir who was the High Guard's son, she felt as though it was her duty to know at least what was happening.

Both guards Naian and Hiruil had escorted her back to the place where the Dol Amroth ladies were staying much later as they had satyed and talked and Vieana had wrote to her husband and told him not to worry.

Many candles were already out when Vieana went inside. Placing her swan mask on the solid oak sideboard she reached for a candlestick and lit it. Vieana quietly then tried to walk up the stairs to find the other girls had gone to sleep. She went to find Tessa, Averyll and Elen who were all surprised when she woke them. "come into the sitting room" she had told every single one.

"What is so important it could not wait till the morning?" Tessa asked when she was given a cup of tea by Lessawen, who had stayed at home during the whole affair. "You know, I probably saved us all from a nasty scene tonight." Vieana started. "Nasty scene? You were dancing!" Elen cried.

"The Dol Amroth guards had heard the tales being told about dear Finduilas. They were getting very angry. I had to say that i already knew about them for the guard Naian to tell me anything." Vieana paused and sipped her tea.

"Which was?" inquired Averyll from her left side. "Oh! yes, It seems that the Minas Tirith guards are loosing faith in the steward's son. They are making snide comments to the Dol Amroth guards on numerous occasions i understand. It was getting ot the stage that i think a fight might break out. I heard this as well when i was returning to the barraks with the Dol Amroth guards for further telling."

Vieana hesitated as though she were about to relive a nightmare. "One of the passing Minas Tirith guards (not seeing me ofcourse) said in passing "Next thing you know, corsairs will be running the place! With one wed to the steward's heir." I was about to speak up when one of the other guards yelled at the Minas Tirith guard. (Who saw me) and replied, "Is that another of your pirates of Dol Amroth eh?"

Vieana shuddered. "Naian started at him. "Ill have you know this is the lady Vieana, she is the daughter in law of the Dol Amroth general. My lord were to hear of this insult against his wife..." I stopped him from saying anymore. Can you imagine it? Me a corsair! Why, i dont even know how to wield a blade!"

She was quite upset now. "Then i wrote to Dardanir, asking advice, and i told him not to worry. I know Dardanir and he knows i can handly diplomacy myself. I expect an answer any day henceforth." She replied and looked at the other ladies waiting for their comments.
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