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Pelien rose before the world was lit by the sun after tossing and turning without sleep all night. The carriage ride from the palace the previous evening had been solemn. Sador had remained quiet apparently not wanting to argue in front of Adrama, and Pelien refused to beg for the man’s attention. She had too much pride for a degrading action like that. When they reached their apartments, Sador had gone immediately inside and went to bed, while Pelien sat for quite some time in the parlor mulling the evening’s events over in her mind.

The air was chilly in the corridor from the lack of the morning sun, and Pelien pulled her navy robe tighter as she silently roamed the home. The servants were already stirring and poor Rummel’s face revealed her surprise when she saw her mistress up so early.

“Good morning, Madame Pelien.” The girl hurriedly curtseyed and pulled her hair back out of her face. Rummel had apparently not been awake for very long and her appearance was less than ideal.

“Good morning.” Pelien’s voice was unmoved as she looked over the servant with a disapproving expression.

“What would you like for breakfast, Madame? I will get it started.” Rummel tied a white apron tightly around her waist and smoothed out the wrinkles.

“No, I’m not hungry. Go about your regular duties…I want to be left alone.” With that Pelien dismissed the relieved servant girl and continued on her way down the corridor, down the stairs, and into the parlor where her favorite chair waited.

The older woman contemplated the ramifications of her evening’s ‘performance’. She had worked so hard all of these years to keep her name and her family’s name respectable, and she was more than a little concerned about what the Steward’s family would think of her. The look on Denethor’s face was burned in her memory…he was disgusted with her. That would never do. Pelien would have to work hard to repair the damage, especially if the Steward’s son would ever rid himself of the pretty little princess, Adrama needed to be the replacement. Pelien knew in her heart Denethor was not going to disregard his new bride, but she just couldn’t admit defeat…even to herself.

Her lovely Adrama…Pelien loved her daughter dearly and she was unsure of what her reaction would be when she told her of the conversation she’d had with Denethor and Finduilas. Adrama had been particularly beautiful at the ball, and Pelien pictured her daughter floating across the floor in Addruran’s arms. She’d talk to her daughter about that boy and feel out what Adrama’s true feelings were. Adrama must not fall for his charms. Surely, Pelien thought. My daughter is smarter than that.

The sun slowly rose and its rays filtered in through the windows lighting the dark parlor. Sador could be heard moving around readying himself for the day’s duties, and soon he had descended the stairs and entered the kitchen where his usual breakfast waited. Pelien slipped up the stairs, not wanting any confrontation this morning, and back into her bedroom. There, she disrobed and drew a hot bath. Taking her time, she slowly washed herself wanting to take long enough that Sador would be gone when she was ready for breakfast. After several minutes, she heard the door close firmly and knew her husband had left for work.

Rummel came shortly afterwards to help Pelien dress. The older woman chose a dull gray dress with a high waist and long sleeves. It fit her mood nicely.

“Rummel, go down to the kitchen, prepare two vegetable omelets, and tell my daughter she is to meet me in the dining room in one half hour.” The servant nodded and curtseyed once more before she left the bedroom.

Pelien sauntered out to the balcony and took a deep breath stimulating her senses with the fresh morning air. She and Adrama would have much to talk about this morning, and she prayed all would go as planned. Pelien’s eyes wandered up to the white peaks of the citadel. They looked majestic in the sun’s light. Shaking her head slowly with shame, the older woman turned from the balcony’s rail and walked back indoors. Stopping once to gaze upon her reflection, Pelien straightened her back and lifted her chin showing the dignity and pride she carried as a shield, and then, she exited her bedroom and descended to the dining room.

The breakfast table was set with two place mats, cloth napkins, two empty rose tea cups, and a small vase with freshly cut flowers in the center of the table. It set the mood Pelien hoped to have… uplifting, yet intimate.

“Would you like a cup of tea, Madame?” Rummel’s voice broke through Pelien’s thoughts as the young girl pulled one of the high backed chairs away from the table for Pelien to sit.

“No. I want something stronger this morning…I’ll have a cup of coffee.” Pelien took the seat and scooted up to the table.

“I’ll take the cup of tea, Rummel…thank you.” Pelien’s head turned at the sound of her daughter’s voice. Adrama was standing in the doorway with a freshly scrubbed appearance. Her skin glowed like a sun-kissed peach, and Pelien smiled approvingly. “Good morning, Mother.” Adrama said lightly and seated herself across from Pelien. “You wanted to see me?”

“Yes…I thought we might discuss the evening’s events. Did you enjoy yourself?” As she spoke, Pelien properly unfolded her napkin and placed it across her lap.

“I had a lovely time…” Adrama paused to thank Rummel for the hot tea and then continued, “All the costumes were wonderful.”

“You enjoyed dancing with Addruran?” Pelien watched her daughter’s eyes widen a moment, but before Adrama could reply, Pelien went on. “You compliment one another well.” Pelien raised her coffee to her mouth while her eyes watched her daughter’s reaction.

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