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Well, I think this has gone back and forth a lot, but I'll add my voice.

Reading the Silmarillion, you learn that the sun (unlike in many other mythologies) is basically left-over from the original lights of the world, the trees in Valinor, and so saying he wields "the fire of the sun" may mean that he wields the power of "good" fire related to the trees, but I don't think it can be the same thing as the Secret Fire/Flame Imperishable that he is a servant of. That, basically, means he's a servant of life, good, and the wishes of Illuvatar and Manwe, who sent him to ME. As has been noted, this is all a powerful contrast with the flame of Udun and his dark fire. Has to be one of my favorite scenes in the books, and definitely my fave from the films.

About the ring, he never seems to use it, and Elven rings (well, even the One) are usually more subtle than simple flame-enhancing weaponry. I bet it doesn't hurt to have it, though... He doesn't wear it in the film, though, maybe PJ forgot about it. Galadriel has hers (in the extended version). [img]smilies/confused.gif[/img]

About Feanor vs. Balrogs, and Gandalf vs. Balrog as well: Maiar (and even Valar) are much closer in power to elves and men than we tend to think (at least, physical, fighting power). At least, no-one ('cept maybe Eru) can "snap his fingers and make someone disappear" in an omnipotent sort of way. I mean, Fingolfin fights Morgoth and wounds him and resists his strength pretty impressively. But then, Fingolfin is a bad mother... for an elf. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

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