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Well first off Tolkien stated in The Unfinished Tales that being entitled to the Palantiri had quite a bit to do with ones ability to use them. In The Two Towers Gandalf was afraid to look into the Orthanc Stone, but Aragorn doesn't fear to take it because it was his birthright. And in The Return of the King Aragorn states that it was because he was the rightful heir to the palantir that he was able to turn the stone to his will. I would assume that because the Ithil Stone was a lesser stone, that would make the keeper(s) of the master stone's resistance to Sauron easier. Also Kalimac, it says that the guardians of the palantiri used them frequently. The Kings of Arnor and Gondor only used the palantiri when they urgently needed to obtain sensitive information personally. I like Belin's theory that Sauron was reaching through the stones to exert a pull on their users. As Kalimac said Pippin did not exactly have a will of adamant, so he would easily succumb to the allure of the palantir. Somehow Sauron must have been able to affect the nature of all the other palantiri. But if Sauron was affecting all of the other palantiri then what was the keeper(s) of the master stone doing?
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