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Originally Posted by Mithadan View Post
Marhwini, if you want to change the spelling of your screen name, try reaching out to Barrow-Wight. Welcome to the Downs!
Thank you.... I will do that. In my haste I transposed two characters (in my own writing on the subject of the Northmen of Rhovanion, I have discovered that I do this about ½ the time I write the name "Marwhini"). And I have discovered a few others where I make similar mistakes (Thurwingethil being another, where I write "Thuringwethil").

And thank you for the welcome.

I have been a Tolkien fanatic for a very long time, and perhaps take his work too seriously (so seriously that I have begun to work out actual metaphysics that would give rise to physics, chemistry, and biology - etc. basically operationalized sciences - to account for the functioning of the different beings, creatures, plants, geography, etc. in Middle-earth that we take to be "supernatural" - Tolkien's commentary on them are that most were "natural" parts of Middle-earth). Thus my other post on "The Metaphysics" (and Ontology) "Of Middle-earth."

I understand that there is an actual Tolkien academic here, as well (Zigûr)? It would be interesting to get his take on these subjects.

It's been a long while since I read it, but you might want to peek at Peoples of Middle Earth, HoME 12. In particular, the two chapters of Tolkien's brief attempt to write an LoTR sequel.
I have the complete set of HoM-e (two sets in fact, the Hard-Bound, which I got as they were first released, starting back in the 1980s, and a soft-bound set, which I use for my primary research). And it is from it that I have begun a sort of emendation of the History of the Northmen, their relationship with Gondor and the Second Age Númenóreans.

I need to read it again, as I have not read the works concerning anything but the Silmarillion for some time (working on the Metaphysical Foundations for Ëa, Arda, and Middle-earth - as well as it's topology.... I have an idea for how to get a Flat Middle-earth that has gravity that works the same way as it does in our universe, yet which does not collapse into a sphere).

But directly to the issue of minor characters.... I can't think of a minor character I could call a "favorite" as ANY minor character chosen I could easily rattle off hundreds of things I would want to know about them.

They are all my "favorites" so to speak. Tolkien usually seems to have put as much thought into naming his minor characters as he did into his major characters, indicating that he did not really consider them to be "minor" as another author might.

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