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Originally Posted by Marwhini View Post
Thank you.... I will do that. In my haste I transposed two characters (in my own writing on the subject of the Northmen of Rhovanion, I have discovered that I do this about the time I write the name "Marwhini"). And I have discovered a few others where I make similar mistakes (Thurwingethil being another, where I write "Thuringwethil").
Hey, I do that all the time when I read things in a rush. Parks are full of conversations (conservations), and philosophy class had no casualty (causality). When I first joined, I misread a couple Downers' names because of the letter switching, and I still haven't fully erased them from my mind. In Tolkien, I spent the first couple years of reading LOTR thinking that Redhorn is called Baranzibar (vs Barazinbar), just to name one. I'm not dyslexic, but I also have a tendency to switch letters when I read fast, especially if there are unfamiliar words.

Back to the topic, I completely agree with you about the minor characters being as important in shaping the story and the world as the major ones. For one thing, if we didn't meet a few minor but representative individuals in every place the Fellowship passed, all these places wouldn't feel as real. It makes you aware that there are many people beyond the immediate story, and you relate to them and want to know more about their lives.
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