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Reen woke up right as the sun hit him, and naturally he made sure that Shrae was awake very shortly after. Attempting to hold in a yawn the young maiden carried her small charge down to one of the tables to get something to eat. Looking around it seemed that Shrae wasn't the only one who didn't like to rise early.

"What can I get you?" a nice young waitress asked.

"Oh," Shrae looked at Reen who was trying to climb onto the table from her lap. "Just some bread, milk and fruit I think."

The serving maid smiled warmly. "I'll have those right out for you."

After a somewhat messy breakfast and quick clean-up, Shrae was off into the city, heading toward her brother's home and workshop. By this time it was getting on in the morning and even late-rising Lowfel had gotten up and was munching on some ill-made breakfast.

"What is that?" Shrae scrunched her nose as she put Reen down so that he could investiagte the floor and chair legs.

"Eggs. What did you think it was?" Lowfel shoveled some more of the apparent eggs into his mouth.

"I reserve comment, besides, weren't you going to show me that board you wanted made into a sign?"

Leaning back after consuming the last of his meal, Lowfel rubbed his hands on his pants earning him a dissaproving look from his sister which he dutifully ignored.

"This way," he said as he snatched up little Reen and gently tossed him in the air while leading the way out to the shop.

The sign he wanted turned out to be a inch thick, huge board that could easily take precedence on an entire wall. Shrae eyed it in her special way.

"What do you want with it exactly?" she commented as she felt the wood, testing it out before she took a tool to it.

"Well, I was thinking about perhaps a list of things that I make and you can do. So the customers can see what they can buy and what you can do to it. Understand?"

"A list of what you can specialise in with another list of all the details I can put to it? That'll take a good while."

Reen made a squeeling noise, gaining laughter from the adults.

"Well," Lowfel said after a moment. "It looks like Reen loves the idea."

"Just wait until I'm working too much on the sign and not giving him enough attention, then he'll really let loose," Shrae retorted as she gathered the baby back into her arms.

Lowfel smiled, gave thanks, and left to work on some barrels in the construction part of his shop.

"Well Mr. Reen, shall we?"
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