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This thread seems to be engendering the kind of comments which tend to be best dealt with in PM and that is a regrettable way to end a noble game.

However, since you raised the question of handling gamer's characters, let me reply generally here, Cuthalion. There are two different cases being talked about. One is the case where a gamer is actively present and participating in the game. The other case is the situation where a gamer has disappeared for long periods of time. This is a different situation in that the gamer is unable or has been unable to continue; the game falters and the responsibility for carrying the character then devolves to the Game Manager and/or Moderator. For fuller explanations, please see the rules for gaming in Rohan in The Golden Hall.

In answer to the particular case of Maika's character, I made no such request without Maika's permission. Very simply, I contacted Pio, Child, and Mithadan about the feasibility of options for ending the game and told them that our discussions were dependent upon my hearing back from you and Maika about your preferences. If you want the particulars, please ask me for them via PM.

I am happy to hear that Aman and Cuthalion have resolved the various questions about how to conclude the game. I will unlock the game thread so the edits can be made.

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