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Taitheneb heard a dim whisper.

How dare he ask her.

Amroth waited on the edge; nay, he waited on the outside. And he lacked the strength even to speak to the dark elf. Taitheneb knelt by the king, and held him by the shoulders, and pressed his thoughts deeper into the king's mind, searching. He sensed Erebemlin's thanks even as he tried to raise the king up onto his own shoulders; but he could not do it. He tried again, and again, but the king slipped from his grasp each time.

There is little time, Taitheneb, friend and faithful one. I give you my thanks.

Taitheneb fought the despair. Avarien stood by his side. Together. Almost they raised him, but he slipped from their grasp. Avarien met Taitheneb's eyes. They knelt beside the king, and strove against his weakness.


What stream. She frowned, and slowly walked towards him. As she passed through the ring of the dance, the dancers wove around her. Her gaze bore into his eyes, and beyond.

"I deem you know what it is I seek, yet you hold it from me."


Mellonin turned towards Mellondu, and glanced up at Ravion. She knelt by the blacksmith. Ravion soaked a corner of his cloak in the stream and washed Mellondu's brow.

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