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Pictures that in my opinion should be used in the „Translation from the Elvish / Part One: The Elder Days“. I will give the title of the Picture the chapter in our work were I think it should fit and the book were it can be found there after the no. it has in that book and the page (p.) were it is in my edition. Pictures stands for Pictures by JRR Tolkien and Artist for JRR Tolkien – Artist and Ilustrator edited by Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull.

The Hills of the Morning; Akallabeth; Artist; Frontispiece
Cove near the Lizard; FoG; Artist; no.21; p. 25
Tanaqui; QS, Cha. 5; Artist; no.43; p.47
The Shores of Faery; QS, Cha. 5; Artist; no. 44; p. 48
Mithrim; QS, Cha. 15; Artist; no. 46; p. 50
Glórund sets forth to seek Túrin; Narn, The coming of Glaurung; Artist; no. 47; p. 51
Hringboga Heorte Gefysed; QS, Cha. 21; Artist; no. 48; p. 52
NN (Dragon with Warrior); QS, Cha. 21; Artist; no. 49; p. 52
Halls of Manwe (Taniquetil); QS, Cha. 5; Artist; no. 52; p. 56
NN (Mountain Landscape); QS, Cha. 1; Artist; no. 53; p.57
Taur-na-Fúin; Narn, Beleg; Artist; no. 54; p. 58
The Vale of Sirion (Tol Sirion); QS, Cha. 17; Artist; no.55; p. 59
Nargothrond; QS, Cha. 16; Artist; no. 56; p. 60
NN (Nargothrond); Narn, Faelivrin; Artist; no. 57; p. 60
Gondolin & the Vale of Tumladen from Cristhorn; QS, Cha. 18; Artist; no. 58; p. 61
The Wood at the World's End; QS, Cha. 13; Artist; no. 60; p. 63
Heraldic Devices; Pictures; no. 47:
Feanor; QS, Cha. 5
Beren; QS, Cha. 26
Finrod Felagund; QS, Cha. 20
Beor; QS, Cha. 20
Hador; QS, Cha. 20
The Silmarils; QS, Cha. 8
House of Haleth; QS, Cha. 20

Idrils heraldic device; FoG; Artist; no. 189; p. 192
Earendil; FoG; Artist; no. 190; p. 193
Gil-galad; QS, Cha. 32; Artist; no. 190; p. 193
Finwe and Elwe; QS, Cha. 3; Artist; no. 191; p. 194
Finraphin and Fingolfin; QS, Cha. 5; Artist; no. 192; p. 195
Melian; QS, Cha. 4; Artist; no. 193; p. 196
Lúthien Tinuvíel; QS, Cha. 12; Artist; no. 194; p. 197
Lúthien Tinuvíel; BL, Of Lúthien the beloved; Artist; no. 195; p. 197
NN (Grasses); QS, Cha. 1; Artist; no. 196; p. 198
Floral Designs; QS, Cha. 1; Pictures; no. 45
NN (Entrance to the Elvenking's Halls); QS, Cha. 12; Artist; no. 119; p. 125
Three Dragons (the 3rd one); FoG; Pictures; no. 40
NN (Patterns); Muster; the winged sun in the upper right corner); QS, Cha. 3; Artist; no. 183; p. 186
Wickedness; QS, Cha. 1; Artist; no. 32; p. 37
The Tree of Amalion; QS, Cha. 1; Artist; no. 62; p. 64

Feel free to disagree with my choices o pictures and of placement.


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