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I agree with your choice of the three maps you think are set. As for the other maps:

- Beleriand and its Realms: I think having a map of some sort for the "Beleriand and its Realms" chapters is a good idea. That chapter is hard to follow without a reference.

- Art of the Hobbit: I also like the idea of including the maps from Art of the Hobbit.

- The Shire : As far as I know, the only map of the Shire which Tolkien himself drew is the one in Tolkien:Maker of Middle-Earth on page 390: "First sketch map of the Shire". It's pretty crude and would require quite a bit of work. I don't think a map of the Shire is necessary, but if you're up to it I would say go for it. Speaking of "Tolkien:Maker of Middle-Earth", I'm finally going to the Morgan in April to see the exhibit! I can't wait!

- 2nd LotR map Since the Lord of the Rings can be viewed as a companion piece to our work, I'm not sure we need to include the map of Gondor and Mordor, since the map is already there. Then again, we do pull in bits from the Appendices. If you can find a good place to put it, I would be open to it.

- The earliest map in BoLT : I think adding in the Valinor labels into Map V is a great idea! Including it in the "Darkening of Valinor" chapter makes sense. I agree with your ideas, including the removal of "e": the gap in the mountains."

You might've just forgotten to include it, but label "g" should be "HisilůmŽ". Also I think we should put a dot on the west border next to "c" for "Nienna's house" which are:

...west of West, upon the borders of the world; and she comes seldom to the city of Valimar where all is glad. She goes rather to the halls of Mandos, which are near to her own...
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