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I have done as pormissed and worked through four of most rich books for pictures:
The Art of The Hobbit
The Art of The Lords of the Ring
JRR Tolkien – Artist and Ilustrator
Pictures by JRR Tolkien

The Result is a different List then the one before. It is so big that I will split it in single posting for each of the books in turn. But these explainational remarks cover them all. More or less each picture given in these books you will find listed in these postings with the following information attached:
- My proposal if we should take it or not: Yes => we should take it; No => I think it is unusable; Maybe => I am unsure, we should discuss this
- Source information: The book, no. given to it in this book, page on which it is found and the title
- Other or additional sources: ‘see’ => in the given source a better reproduction will be found and any further information is given in that entry of my list; ‘see as well’ or similar => at the given source an additional reproduction will be found, but the one given in front seems to be the better or more usefull
- Remark: If I found the picture not usable, I will give here my reasons, if I propose to use it here is given the place in our work where I would but it and a short quote from our finished text that I propose refers to the picture. (I suppose to put the pictures between the paragraph in which the quote occurs and the next paragraph. In some rare cases of a paragraph covering a lot of story and many pictures available, I suppose we might need to add a paragraph break. And in the single case of the story of Quest for Erebor I propose a series of pictures covering the journey from Rivendell to the death of Smaug.) In some cases I propose to use only cut outs from a picture. If so that is of course mentioned under remarks.

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