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Art of the Hobbit; fig. 12; p. 35; Thorinís letter to Bilbo: I am more inclined to include it, but I am on the fence about this as well. I agree with waiting to see what the others think.

Art of the Hobbit; fig. 20; p. 44; Rivendell looking West: That's a good point. I will look for a place to put it.

Art of the Hobbit; fig. 35; p. 60; The Misty Mountains: OK, I agree with your placement.

Art of The Hobbit; fig. 100; p. 137; Trail dust-jacket: I was thinking we should do a cut-out since the work is clearly unfinished/partially missing and because it was clearly intended to be a cover to The Hobbit. However, I think if we can remove the text (The Hobbit and J. R. R. Tolkien) then we can include the whole thing, despite its unfinished state.

Art of LotR; Frontispiece; p. 16; Cutout of fig. 170, p. 214 Dust-jacket design for The Fellowship of the Ring: I see. I like that interpretation and agree to keeping the whole image.

Art of LotR; fig. 13; p. 31; Map of the Westmarch; Art of LotR; fig. 28; p. 49; The East Road, east of Bree & Art of LotR; fig. 32; p. 54; Map of the route taken by the Black Riders: I guess these are pretty useful despite their sketchy nature. I agree to include them.

Art of LotR; fig. 72; p. 98; Parth Galen, Tol Brandir, and Amon Lhaw; Art of LotR; fig. 84; p. 116; Minas Morgul gate; Art of LotR; fig. 154; p. 196; Sketch-plan of the Citadel of Minas Tirith: Looking back at these, I definitely agree with including them.

Art of LotR; fig. 157; p. 200; Map of the northern part of Middle-earth & Art of LotR; fig. 158; p. 201; Map of the southern part of Middle-earth: Whoops, my bad. I agree with including these maps.

Artist; Frontispiece; The Hills of the Morning: OK, that seems like a good place to put this picture.

Pictures; no. 43; Patterns (I); The flower on the lower left side and the plant looking like a Thristle left from the middle at the lower row: OK, if we can remove the newspaper background I agree with including it. I will look for a place to put it.
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