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The inked word between I and J: If it is not 'Sand' the it is verry similar. At lest we have 'S?n?' and the second sign is either 'a' or 'o'. So we would have 'Sona', 'Sono', 'Sano' or 'Sana'. But none of this does make any sense for me. So 'Sand' is very probable.

And now to G: I looked for any costline similarity and I found that when we turn the map up side down it showes some similarity to Ambrakanta Map V. We have an oval shape as the soruonding of the world, which looks like the shape of a compromise projection of modern map of our round world. In the lower part it is and Africa like shape with a kind of correction in on the eastern costline. In the north-west the costline shows the great gulf and farther north it looks like the Bay of Balar and the Beleriand cost running north-west. In the south-east we have something like India, farther east the cost is to far north, But the shape has a slight similarity to the costline of eat-asia.


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