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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
Given that (per the Beor/Marach text) it took Men ages to realise that there were other mortals around the Sea, they could certainly have missed an Eldarin presence.
The Silmarillion also states that Finrod was the first of the Eldar met by Men, but this might be one of those cases where Tolkien had something more specific in mind, in this case maybe "Eldar in Beleriand" rather than "Eldar of the March". However, Men on their way west did have dealings with Dark Elves, so maybe the Sea of Rhn is indeed one of those places where such dealings happened, but the later text just omitted to mention it.
Then one appeared among us, in our own form visible, but greater and more beautiful; and he said that he had come out of pity.
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