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White-Hand Great Gosh!

It seems as though there are several characters who are the big ones on this thread.
Well, what I can't believe is that so many people like FARAMIR, the those THREE WOMEN, ARAGORN, and ORLANDO BLOOM (mighty powerful shivers!).
I also heartily dislike Frodo and Elrond was disapointing.

However, to return to the point, Sauron, Boromir, Gollum/Smeagol, Gandalf the Grey, Saruman, collectively Uruk-hai, Theoden, the Balrog, and (yes I know he he hardly appeared) Gil-Galad.

Overall though, I'll go with Boromir. He ROCKS.

Oh yeah. When I said Sauron, I meant the warrior. That "Great Eye" was kind of retarted.
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