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Originally Posted by Meriadoc1961 View Post
I was disappointed in the selection of both Cate Blanchette and Liv Tyler for their parts. I always felt that the best choices to fill those roles would have been Jennifer O'Dell from the TV series Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World for Galadriel and Jolene Blalock of Star Trek: Enterprise to play Arwen. Both of these women are incredibly beautiful, which is how Tolkien describes these two women in the books. I am not saying the choices of Blanchette and Tyler are ugly, I just do not see them as the drop-dead gorgeous types that are described by Tolkien. Of the two, I felt Tyler was the better choice
My understanding is that Claire Forlani was considered for the role of Arwen. She looks quite elvish already:

However, I must say that I did enjoy Liv Tyler as Arwen. Her sultry voice (in that film, at least) and mannerisms enhanced her beauty. I can't see her in any film now without thinking of Arwen.
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