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Originally Posted by Andsigil View Post
I've always disliked Chomsky, so it's nice to see him satirized. He's a linguistics professor who's done nothing over the years but attempt to punch above his intellectual weight in fields about which he knows nothing.

It's no surprise that he's had such a following of twits like Hugo Chavez.
Chomsky is considered to be one of the foremost linguistic theorists ... ever. Linguistics was where I first encountered his work - long before I ever knew about his politics.

Having a Chomsky styled critique of LOTR is quite ironic considering that both Tolkien and Chomsky have fairly awesome linguistic qualifications.

The biggest fault of Chomsky's political books is that they are naive and quite tedious. He tends to make a point and then go on making it for dozens of pages. As for his actual politics - yes, let's not go there.
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