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Firefoot has been trapped in the Barrow!
so I'm curious to know if anyone thinks I look like my avvie!
Actually, I do. But I also said I liked your avvie...

Sleepy Ranger: No, you don't look like your avatar. You have a mischievous face, and brown curly hair that looks like you just woke up. You where T-shirts and broken in jeans, and when you aren't on the computer you are skateboarding.

Eowyn Skywalker: Medium length light brown hair - possibly streaked. Average height. She is usually smiling and has an easy laugh. When she gets defensive there is a fierce look to her eyes. She is athletic looking.

Mr. Underhill
: There is something dark about your appearance. A wide hat brim shades your eyes so that they aren't readily seen.
Firefoot: You, Firefoot, are a tall and lanky redhead, with a penchant for explosives and/or staying up 'til the wee hours around bonfires while shooting the breeze with friends.
Very interesting... I won't tell you how true it is.
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