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Where is this info about Uruk Hai from? How do you know that they were not bred by Saruman?

The only thing I can find is from Morgoth's Ring:

"There is no doubt that long afterwards, in the third age, Saruman rediscovered this [the interbreeding of men and orcs], or learned of it in lore, and in his lust for mastery committed this, his wickedest deed: the interbreeding of orcs and men, producing both Men-orcs large and cunning, and Orc-men treacherous and vile." (Myths Transformed, 419)

I did not think it was ever stated outright where the Uruks came from. I always thought it was implied that they were bred by Saruman by interbreeding with men. My assumption was that the Men-orcs produced the likes of Bill Ferny and the Orc-men were the Uruk Hai.... But i have never known for sure......
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