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Originally posted by Vitesse:
<STRONG>But it's not "who they are" - it's who *I* am. </STRONG>
I understand what you are saying, but what it comes down to is that you are putting your faith in your experience and psychology, and others are have decided to put their faith in the Bible. And your statement about "who they are" is the exact same thing as someone from the Biblical perspective providing scripture references. You are providing a statement refferenceing the foundations of your perspective, just like quoting the Bible.
And the lifestyle thing is a different matter that I will not disscuss here because the Barrow-Wight wants us to stick to the point, and addressing that would lead us further astray.
It is pontless to argue such matters when we aren't coming from the same place. If I'm on a baseball field and your on a football field, any attempt to compete will be futile. the argument must be moved up to the level of venue. and doing that here would bring the disscussion out of the context of Tolkien an into the context of worldview foundations, which is beyond the scope of this forum.
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