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Rhudladion has just left Hobbiton.

I personnaly think that all the characters in the LOTR are homosexual.

I think that all the Balrogs have a Nazgul mate. Bill the Donkey is in love with Shadowfax. Treebeard actually despises Entwives, and he has a secret relationship with Old Man Willow. Goldberry? She's really a man-old Tom's Kind-of funny, ya know?
And Gandalf...well, let's just say there's a reason he doesn't talk about Rhadagast all that much.

Give me a break!!!! If Tolkien had wanted there to be homosexual themes in his book, he would have written it outright; just as every other theme in his works are strong and unmistakable.
Sam had a girl for goodness sake! What's next...a discussion about bi-sexuality?

I agree with those of small member numbers, in that all kinds of discussion are material for the site, but let's get back to Balrog wings....they're cooler!
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