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The Elves and Raefindan took turns guiding the bound Tharonwé down the mountain slopes. The others negotiated the difficult path in pairs that had formed during their sojourn: Mithrellas and Indil, Aedegard and Argaleafa, Ravion and Mellonin, and last Liornung and Bellyn.

Whereas most pairs had a caregiver and receiver to varying degrees, Liornung and Bella had come through the harrowing adventure unscathed, in body if not entirely in soul. So it was that the travelers had by turns song, story, jest, or just good talk floating down from above and behind them from the last pair.

As they followed the stream, the cold and winter of the heights gave way to the warm scents and colors of early summer. At last they reached the foothills where neighings and raucous, hilarious barking greeted their ears. Around the next bend there were horses and one dog jumping excited from paw to paw.

"By Jorje, I think it's Jorje!" Roy laughed.

The dog's ears perked and his eyes found the red haired man, and he bounded toward him and jumped full on his chest. Roy fell back laughing, glad that Taitheneb held the prisoner.

"How is it that you brought these horses with you, Jorje?" he asked as he scratched his ears and got a tongue washing to rival any puppy.

"He was sent," said Mithrellas. "I see a woman near a river, smiling and stirring something warm and satisfying in a pot."

"That would be Marigold," said Erebemlin. "It is time for us to mount these steeds and be on our way."
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