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Interesting thread!

I don't think that "penetrative" is the right word to use here. It is true that Elven swords are more powerful than others- another example of that is when Sting chops Shelob's web into pieces when Sam's sword can't. Also the swords made by Elves in the first age glow when enemies are near.
Another question you could ask is why Anduril doesn't glow like Sting and Glamdring, even though it was made by Telchar in the first age. This could perhaps be because Narsil was broken, and some of the qualities/abilities of the sword changed or diminished.
This brought to my mind two quotes from the Silmarillion. I don't have the book with me, so I can't give the exact words, but this is how I remember the quotes
"The Noldor live in their creations" or something similar, anyways. This shows that when Elves (especially Noldor) put so much thought into what they make, that their things reflect their character/power/whaetver else you might call it.
"Beware, because the dark spirit of the maker still lives in the sword" Thingol said something like this to Beleg when giving him Eol's sword. So swords can also have character. Moreover, this sword (later called Gurthang) spoke to Turin. Not only that, but it gave reasoning. Swords can think????????
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