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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Some to-do's attended to. Any updates for that list of things to fix? (Slash are they actually fixed or do they need more fixing?)

(I am really excited that RL is finally coming together, and this song is moving forward)
My brain is frazzled, so I can't say whether it's fixed, but I can offer a performance:

Progress 3, sung

Finrod's second verse is an utter Frankenstein of recordings, I had to mash together about six different clips, but see previous comments on brain-frazzle. I could have re-recorded most of them to avoid the errors.

The one thing I've noticed is physically impossible is taking a breath on the "through your messes! / You alone" and "neither bards nor warriors / We're bound in Song" line transitions; there's literally no time (unless I'm mis-parsing the tune). Which is probably fine for a professional singer, it's only a couple of lines; in my case it means there's likely to always be a second clip snuck in there.

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