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Right back at you!

Actual out-loud comment after listening to this through: "God that's a good song." ^_^

I've thrown a few tweaks into the words along the way, and may have allowed Curufin to play with the tune a little on his 'to death you'll go' (I can't help it - response lines always make me playful).

I've also discovered I was talking utter rubbish about the breathless lines; they're perfectly doable and should not be changed. I think I was tired last time, it's just a matter of making sure to steal a breath at the previous break, and not being afraid to push to the end of it.

I've looked back at the "songs to be / if you love me still" gap. It often catches me out while singing it, but actually listening sounds absolutely fine.

Still no video; I'm having too much fun singing it!

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