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It's in need of saving!

Apologies for the delay in response, it was because I was waiting for an evening when I could could make this to toss back. ^.^ I can't let you have all the fun. Unfortunately I only had time for two goes, one for the second Feanorian and one for everything else on a single breath, so you can guess how it went. But it's so fun to sing!!! I spent the first couple evenings just listening to your recording, it's fantastic - I can't wait for the "real" copy!

Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
This is a fantastic song - it just keeps getting zippier! It's no surprise that I couldn't resist throwing together a draft sung version as soon as possible
Love it love it love it!

Originally Posted by Hui
I'm not at all certain I've got everything in either the right place or the right tune, so please tell me if anything's off! It all needs rerecording to get the voices right anyway.
Definitely the right place, and I think the right tune too! :-) The only spot I think is not in tune is "there's no blood on my hands, they're clear" - that's one of the confusing chord changes I was talking about, and I am not sure whether I played it correctly, but the way it's written it's higher than the corresponding line in the first and last stanzas (the same as "I bare my soul", but I think that one is in tune with the instrumental). Ugh, it will be fine regardless - it's awesome!

And the only line that I think could be done differently is "Won't you go along". I wrote it as a sort of drawl, and I think musically it doesn't work out as well if the speed is kept normal. The call-back can either go on top of it, or after - I think there are several options here, just didn't have time to play around with it. Do you prefer it back at a "normal speed"? That's fairly easily done, just two bars to modify. It's just that the notes don't match up to the normal speed lyrics, and it would bug me for the rest of time if I don't fix it to match. Or if you like the drawl, we keep it as is. Seriously, please do let me know if you think any place needs adjusting.

Originally Posted by Hui
I vote for keeping the Dancing Feanorians if it's appropriate. It makes me imagine a danced staging of the show, where they each come in and take a turn with Finrod before ending up in a hectic spiral with one another while he slow-dances off with Beren. (Be grateful I know nothing about dancing or I would be roughing this version out already!)
Oh no. This made me imagine different dancing styles for the different characters, debating how well swing would look like on the bros - and of course Thingol has to ballet onto the stage in full ballet gear to break up the sweet couple, and that's not an image that I particularly wanted stuck in my head. o.O

But I haven't been completely idle: The Bickering Brothers, coming soon. (basically, samples of all the melodies with their chords - hurrah for simple songs with repeating chords and no key changes!) Mainly, a check for singability (not too high or low?), and for speed. Right now it's a bit slower than Renunciation was. The issue is Thingol: if the song is too quick, he ends up tongue-twisting (V1); if it's too slow, he ends up drawn out (the rock versions, especially those that put extra break bars after each line, ugh). The solution is of course to just record at different speeds, like the intro in Renunciation - but out of curiosity I looked through a handful of performances and they all maintain the same tempo, which seems to also work for most (V1 ends up slowing down a bit, Thingol is on the verge of not being able to pronounce anything). Also out of curiosity, I just tried to sing Thingol along to V1, and it's possible - though would take a bit of practice to enunciate at that pace. The other considerations would probably be how it flows following Renunciation, and the the faster Feanorian bits (I tend to tongue twist on "kid, you must be joking" if going fast). Do you have a preference for how fast we should go here? I detest the drawn out break bars in all the songs, they slow everything down far too much and I would rather not do those, but I am fine with both a fast and moderately paced Thingol. At this time, the speed is almost exactly matched with V2 Thingol but a touch slower than in the Renunciation accompaniment - to use for reference.
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