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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
And having stolen the computer back over lunch, I've finally managed to get this done:

Renunciation of Nargothrond: The Animated Classic

...And oooh, the crown! *dies*

Originally Posted by Hui
As ever, any tweaks to the singing or animation let me know - I did my best on the recording, but there's always room for improvement!
It's fantastic! I think my favourite singing part is the back-and-forth fight in the middle. And the favourite animated part goes to the crown! It's just so perfectly drawn and placed with Finrod fading out - brilliant! (Second favourite is the Feanorions' appearance)

If you really wanna tweak it in the sense of "Why only an A when it could be an A+", the only place I might look at is Finrod's opening stanza, in particular "to arms, people". All the stuff in the middle, the fighting and all, sounds amazing! And the ending is perfect, singing and animation and all.

I'm gonna go rewatch it again, for like the 10th time now.

Originally Posted by Hui
Can't wait to see what's up next - I either get to continue the Madcap Feanorions, or break out Sauron again. It's a win-win!
Any preference? They're both lying open on the table, so to speak, though I think I only got one or two lines into Quarrel so far.

I've been thinking for Minions to drop it a little lower, if that's still in your Sauron singing range, because the Minions are just a tad high for me. If it's a pitch lower I'd try to do them in a nastier voice. I hate doing that to music that's already written because it makes it sound weird, but it won't be a big drop and I think it will be worth it.

In unrelated news, I only now realized that the Nargothrond backdrop is adorned in Finrod's colours.

*goes off dancing with some words to say on this matter also*
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