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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
There is a certain part of me that is inordinately fascinated with the performances that depict Sauron's minions as being, well Minions - not Orcs, not Men, not Wolves or Telvidos, just Minions of undifferentiated species. I am not too sure if/how Speciesless Minions would translate onto a visual form; to paraphrase you, I Don't Art. But I think I would be delighted with anything that's not too recognizably Jackson-orc, whatever those petty creeps end up looking like.
Ah, so you're thinking something like this!

No? No, perhaps not.

So I've gone through the, uh, three performances with costumed minions, and wound up pretty much drawing one from each. I've turned them all into hairless, earless white things, which are then costumed to evoke Wolf (2014), Bat (2010), or, er... Creepy (2002).

I had to remove the seams from the 2002 mask, because it came out looking like a fish-man, which is a bit too far afield. As it stands, I think they're all tolerably Orcs or Other.

Incidentally: do you prefer the title "Sauron's Creed", "Sauron's Minions", or "Sauron and His Minions"? It can go any which way.


Also! I decided in my madness to see whether a live-action recording of these songs was at all possible. And, er... actually kinda?

The Oath of Feanor (Live)

Lip-synched, with Curufin slightly out of synch, but given all the other issues it didn't seem worth fiddling overmuch. With a bit more time/effort I could make something decent of it, but this will do for now.

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