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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
Ah, so you're thinking something like this!
Ah! The perfect Minion!

Originally Posted by Hui
So I've gone through the, uh, three performances with costumed minions, and wound up pretty much drawing one from each. I've turned them all into hairless, earless white things, which are then costumed to evoke Wolf (2014), Bat (2010), or, er... Creepy (2002).
Looks cool! And Creepy is, well, really creepy. The 2002 is more, um, Scarecrow? But this is just Creepy. In the best way imaginable. ^.^

Originally Posted by Hui
Incidentally: do you prefer the title "Sauron's Creed", "Sauron's Minions", or "Sauron and His Minions"? It can go any which way.
I don't feel strongly about it either way, I think they all have merits. I just really enjoy calling it Minions on here, ever since that song kept coming to me during odd times in the day, and I was very amused at being haunted by the minions. Also, minionsminionsminionsminions. It's fun. But for the official name, no particular preference.

Originally Posted by Hui
Also! I decided in my madness to see whether a live-action recording of these songs was at all possible. And, er... actually kinda?

The Oath of Feanor (Live)

Lip-synched, with Curufin slightly out of synch, but given all the other issues it didn't seem worth fiddling overmuch. With a bit more time/effort I could make something decent of it, but this will do for now.
Wow! Cel and Cur look so much alike, they really must be siblings!

sorry, I had to. It actually looks good! More than kinda! With a lot of potential. Erm... Step 2 of the project? Play dress up and try to coordinate dance moves? I would be absolutely up for that version of the performance... erm, once I get through Step 1. I have to remember not to get too far ahead of myself. There are still more than half the songs to write. But absolutely!
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