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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
That's brilliant! What if the picture starts as a repetition of the Tarn Aeluin version and then slides over to hide the good stuff and show the evil stuff? I am not sure if that's more creepy or less creepy. But really cool picture! I will certainly not complain about the minor inaccuracies, I definitely agree that the symbolism wins out.
That... is... a really good idea. ^_^ I think it'll work! Really highlights the fact that We've Seen This Before.

I've now shaded the full Aeluin picture:

And have also done the Theft of the Silmarils shot:

The scorch marks will fade in over a few seconds... I started by trying to darken the whole hands, but that wound up looking like someone with dark skin, which is not what I wanted. So I went the other way and gave Morgoth the same white skin as the Minions. (The third option was to upgrade the hands into gauntlets, but I think this is more fitting.)

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Also, I totally missed the fact that Minions is the start of Act 2. It just seemed to need an intro to make a very definite transition from heart, and I had a thought about how to do it without just ripping it off one of the main versions. But now that you mention it, all the performances which have Minions have a longish intro. It makes sense both ways.
Well, it's not like we're going to have a half-hour interval in the full video, so yes, it works both ways.

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
I have been very busy lately and haven't made any new developments, but I will make an effort in the coming week to get the Minions off the writing table already. By the way, do you have a preference for the ending? V1 and derivatives I believe all do the "Ha! ha! ha!", while V2 does the drawn-out "entertainment", and I can't recall any other major variations on this piece. I personally enjoy the cackle, but given the versatility of cackle placement possibilities it doesn't negate the second option.
No worries, no worries; I've been kind of slow on things myself (the pictures are being done in short bursts of creativity). I am perfectly happy to pull out a cackle, and if I can't get that to work, I can always do it as a low booming laugh. It puts me in mind of Wicked, with Idina Menzel doing her very best Wicked Witch cackle... ^_^

Speaking of musicals... it's weird (or maybe not so weird) how often I find myself singing random chunks of the Zong. I worked through most of the Meeting in Neldoreth yesterday, and now I've got pieces of Heart rattling around my head. It really is a delightfully catchy musical, and I'm really glad we've got it into a language I can sing along to; just humming tunes gets a bit boring!

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