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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
I have to speak up about the last one. I think that the concept is really cool - I wasn't sure how you'd do it, and a minimalistic background of Morgoth's face is really scary. But I highly recommend shifting Sauron's position or proportion (or maybe have either him or Morgoth fade in compared to the other). The face in the background is counterintuitive and takes a second to spot, because of its size. The connection that I made on automatic was... Sauron is doing Asian dance with fans and flowers. O.o It's like those illusion drawings with two pictures in one. It took a reframing of what I'm seeing to spot the face, and I know what this is about. Getting Sauron's hands away from Morgoth's eyes would go ways to breaking the ambiguity - I can see it either as shifting him physically away, or doing a fade in animation for either him or Morgoth (e.g. start with Morgoth's scary face, and have Sauron fade in, then Morgoth fade out, and you're left symbolically with a Sauron who is revelling under Morgoth's rule, or something. Or keep Sauron and fade in the face). Or maybe have one shrink as the other grows. Dunno. You would have a better idea of what to actually do with this, but I had to point this out early. And again, the idea itself is amazing, I wouldn't change it for the full body Morgoth. It just came out ambiguous.
Hey, Sauron does song-magic, and we know Luthien used dancing to enhance that, so fan-dance Sauron might be canon!

But yeah, I mostly keep seeing Sauron's cloak as an evil goatee on Morgoth, so I agree. I think the crossfade idea should work, setting up the transition from one to the other. I'll save Sauron as a separate file to Morgoth, then I can play around with them and see what works best.

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