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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
For the last one, I had a thought that the initial phrase can be comically rephrased as NO GO, which actually gave results: NOGOTHRIM is a name for Dwarves. However, Enc of Arda says this is a term for all Dwarves, not for the Seven Fathers or Seven Houses. Watch this be something like Nogothatari.
N is not an easy letter. I justify it on the grounds that at one point, 'Nogothrim' (no + go + throughhim - [double H and the three letters before it]) did indeed only refer to seven people.

SONS OF FEANOR - Local stars: a misspelling of no fear about the mostly-doomed lot.
2. ?E - Take one step, and note there a crunchy meat product; you might need some help.
VALIER - The fifth Roman, a liar? Not quite, but the queens might show up.
SEEING STONE - Step forward, pick a sense, aim it at the henge: not Pippin's.
NOGOTHRIM - Do not proceed through him - the repeat and three beforehand are gone! Try looking underground.

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