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Correct! The theme was actually inspired by Hui's last one. I got to the password SEVEN, and my first thought was how come there's no seven stars and seven stones. Later I figured out that it was Seeing Stone instead, and got the idea for this one.


1. "Choose a fair more!" - you hear from the corners of the world.
2. Pinnacle organ on the far side is a cause for quarrel.
3. BRIDGE OF STONEBOWS: Sits across two drinks, skips two starts, and skipped on the greatest start. (a stone bridge)
4. They party at night, like in most Rolls-Royce incidents.
5. SARN ATHRAD: Ford ran threads, but note difference when they tangled. (stony ford)
6. THREE FARTHING STONE: Measure money or weight, but do so thrice! (well... it's a stone)
7. ORTHANC: Tower alternatively compares to the sea, it seems. (both a stone and a rock!)
8. A king in reverse is an element mixed with itself.
9. ERECH: There you may hear a confused cheer. (Stone of Erech, brought by Isildur)
10. Dying's son, by the sound of it.
11. Not a car sound, nor the music, but the site of a stronghold.
12. Step up! The gutsy insects grew enormous!
13. PALANTIR: Sphere in the middle of a messed up plan and a broken off tiara. (seeing stone)
14. Note riders exchange directions with reluctant riders.
15. Comes after the initial entrance into the city.
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