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14: Riders suggests Rohan/the Mark, Black Riders, and Warg Riders if they actually exist outside of the Jacksonian fever-dream. Reluctant riders suggests... like... hobbits? Dwarves? I feel like neither of them are fond of riding. Also maybe goblins, if there's something in The Hobbit about them not liking to ride.

It sounds like the clue is [note]+[riders with changed direction letter/s] = [reluctant riders].

#10: Probably "dying" starts with T... trying? Tying/tieing? Tie ink? Try thing? Timing? Tay mink? Tea drink? I mean, the first two are most plausible, but I can't find an answer from them. Thy thing?

#8: I've wanted this one to be FELAGUND the entire time, but it doesn't work with the clue. Isildur and Anarion are kings carved in stone (the Argonath); all the kings of Gondor ("Stone-Land") technically qualify, as more tentatively does Turgon of Gondolin ("Hidden Rock"), and of course any dwarf (but I think Nain is the only N-name, and that's already been a no, right?). (I would love it to be NOM, but I don't think it works.)

#2: I've been thinking 'brain' for 'pinnacle organ', but if 'far side' is a place indicator... that could be MOUNT... something. MOUNT FANG? It at least has a U in it... or AMON UILOS (Taniquetil), which means 'Mount... Everwhite', but maybe Uilos sounds like some organ I can't think of.

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